Stretch Wrapper P1500

Borst Stretch Wrapper

Who are we?

Our own product
Borst® designs and manufactures stretch wrapping machines. Because we control the entire trajectory from design to production, we are capable of delivering the best possible service. We are no intermediate or dealer company, we are the organization which has been developing and producing the Borst stretch wrappers over the last decades.

Complete solutions
Besides stretch wrapping machines, Borst also develops and produces internal material handling solutions for major industrial players. We can integrate our stretch wrapping machines in a integral logistical solution.

Contact our Dealer

Schutweg, 15b-c
5145 NP Waalwijk
The Netherlands

dhr. Simon van Soelen
Mobiel: +31 (0) 6 53 12 49 95

KvK-nr: 20112385 0000