Borst Stetch Wrapper Options

Suitable for refrigerated and freezer areas
The Borst stretch wrapping machines can be adapted for usage in refrigerated areas. Currently several specially adapted stretch wrappers are operating in such conditions. Please contact us for more information for application in refrigerated areas.
Pressure-plate (Pantograph)
This device can be used to stabilize and press a stacked load from above, while wrapping the pallet.
Cut and Seal unit
This option fulfills three fuctions; clamping, sealing and cutting the stretch foil. Together, these three functions enable a fully automated operation mode. The clamping mechanism holds the foil strand during the start of the wrapping cyclus. The sealing mechanism welds the outer two foil layers together. Finally the cutting mechanism cuts the foil strand. Both the welding and cutting process occurs with low temperature electric resistors.
Integration in chain- roller- or belt conveyor systems
The Borst pallet stretch wrapping machines can be integrated in automated conveyor systems. Within the wrapper, a special segment of the conveyor may be placed which can vertically lift the pallet load. By slightly lifting the pallet load, the wrap foil can also be tightly wrapped around the carrying pallet, ensuring the load is properly attached to the pallet.
Top-Out Top sheet dispencer (T20)
Top-Out T20 The Top-Out top sheet dispencer makes a dust-proof wrap possible. This equipment will unwind, cut and place a poly-ethylene film on top of the product, prior to the wrapping process. This way the top of the pallet will be covered. Cutting the top sheet film takes place with a pneumatically actuated knife. The height of the placement of the film and the moment in the cyclus in which the top sheet is dispenced can be automatically determined.
Top-In Top sheet dispencer (T25)
With the Top-In top sheet dispencer pallets can be wrapped waterproof. The Top-In dispencer is similar to the Top-Out dispencer, but the Top-In dispencer is integrated within the frame of the P2500 stretch wrapper.
Availability of options
The table below shows which options can be installed with which stretch wrappers.
P17 P1500 P1900 P2100 P2300 P2500 P2500HS
Pressure plate X X X X
Cut and Seal unit X X X X X X
Top-Out T20 X X X X X
Top-In T25 X X
Integration in conveyor systems X X X X X
Suitable for refrigerated areas X X X X X X X