Pre-stretch film carriages for Borst stretch wrappers

Pre-stretch film carriage mechanism results in cost savings
Stretch wrapper film carriage, film carriage The Borst stretch wrapping machines are smarter than conventional wrappers as the film is pre-stretched prior to wrapping it around the pallet. The Borst stretch wrappers can stretch the film up to 400% of the original length. This way, up to four times as many pallets can be wrapped using the same amount of wrapping film. The wrapping program can furthermore be adjusted using an advanced PLC touch-panel interface. The combination of pre-stretching the film and full control over the wrapping program can accumulate in significant cost savings.
Film carriage type FW1
With this model, the pre-stretch is applied to the film by guiding the film along two drums, each rotating at a different speed. The ratio between the speeds of the two drums can be controlled by changing a gear set.
Film carriage type FW2
This is a more advanced film carriage as the amount of pre-stretch can be dynamically controlled by using the touch-panel PLC control system, rather than changing a gear set. This is possible as both drums are each driven by a separate SEW frequency driven motor.
A constant wrapping tension
Even with odd-shaped pallet loads the Borst stretch wrapping machines will dispense stretch film at a constant tension. This ensures that stacked pallet loads will remain stable during, and after the wrapping process. An electronic sensor detects the movement of two "dancer" drums throughout the wrapping process. This provides the PLC control system with the information required to control the frequency driven SEW motor, which controls the rate of dispensed film maintaining a constant tension level. The varying rate of dispensed film does not affect the configured amount of pre-stretch.
A centered load
The pre-stretch mechanism enables the Borst wrappers to tightly wrap pallet loads, without destabilizing the load as a result of film tension during the wrapping process. After the film has been pre-stretched and applied to the pallet, the film will gradually shrink a bit, tightly centering the pallet load.